Samsung Galaxy S10 Release 5G On April

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Release (5G) will lose its position as the latest and greatest flagship, because the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be launched on April 5, 2019.

Samsung officially announced that the first 5G smartphone will go on sale on April 5 2019. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will also be the first 5G mobile phone to be released on the market on that date, according to the gsmarena page, Thursday, March 21 2019.

Initially, the device was supposed to come out this March, but was postponed. Even so, it will still be a smartphone that activated the first commercially available 5G network. This cellphone will be available in South Korea, which aims to become the first country in the world with a 5G network.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Release (Samsung Galaxy S10 5G) is also rumored to be launched in the United States through the Verizon telecommunications company exclusively. Samsung will not provide pre-orders, but customers who buy cellphones between April 5-16 will get free Galaxy Buds, wireless chargers, and a 50 percent discount for one screen replacement in the first year.

Meanwhile, the Verizon 5G network is likely to be launched on April 11. So far, there is no price information yet, but market analysts believe it will be released around US $ 1,332 equivalent to Rp. 18.6 million in South Korea.

According to the venturebeat page, the Galaxy S10 5G includes a 6.7-inch screen, 3D depth sensor camera both front and rear, and a 4,500 mAh battery with support for 25-watt fast charging. In South Korea, smartphones will reach download speeds up to a range of 2.6-2.7 Gbps using the medium 5G spectrum.

This cellphone will use a different chipset and a higher millimeter wave frequency in the United States, so that its performance outside Korea cannot yet be known. Given the state of the new 5G network, as well as higher prices, the adoption of the S10 5G is expected to be limited.

But to promote and encourage the use of the new 5G network, one operator offers a 5G S10 as a no-fee exchange for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to users with a two-year service contract.